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The guesthouse has been completed and about 70 people participated in the crowd-funding return and online room preview, and spatial designer Tadaishi Kaiho gave a preview of the completion of the guesthouse. This article is a transcript of Mr. Tadaishi's commentary at the preview held at Zoom.


First of all, the rooms are not a hotel as it is a private accommodation.

In other words, we renovated a room in a condominium.

So you enter through the entrance of a regular apartment, but if you get the door wrong, you will be in someone else's house(laugh).

The door from the outside looks completely like a room in a regular apartment, so I thought the contrast would be too strong without some kind of middle zone, so it would be a good idea to have you go through a sort of back alley in Chimney Town once before the actual room you will be staying in,


I thought I would say this place is useless in terms of room area(laugh). However I thought I had to make it so that you would enjoy entering this lodging room.


So an idea came up, why have an alley when you can just walk in the front door? This is because we designed the entrance door as a back door to the outside of the condominium, and I make the place where the door opens resemble to the space between the door and the building next door


Furthermore, this room is actually on the second floor, but in the story of the world, it is on the roof, so you come out on the roof. The private room is located at the end of along the roof.

In the world of Chimney Town, I think of it as a "place to stay without a sign on the front" and only people who know the place stay incognito.


In order to convey intuitively that you’re in the Chimney Town, we placed lanterns and red light bulbs, which have become icons of Chimney Town, near the entrance, where they are easily seen.

えんとつ町のプペル 頓堀宿泊室 TOMBORI GUEST HOUSE
えんとつ町のプペル 頓堀宿泊室 TOMBORI GUEST HOUSE
えんとつ町のプペル 頓堀宿泊室 TOMBORI GUEST HOUSE

The other big thing was that the bathroom was a regular modular bath when we did this innovation. The fact that this was a condition of the building's renovation beat my brains.

At first I thought it was difficult to find a way to connect the modular bath with this world, so I was like, "a modular bath...".


But then I thought in the same way as the idea of entering through the back door earlier, if you enter between buildings, there suppose to be different buildings.


Then I thought that it would be a good idea to dilute the taste of the Chimney Town in the different building If the modular bath has the taste "0" in the Chimney Town, the washroom and toilet connected to the modular bath should have the taste 3 of it, the alley part does 5-7 of it , and the lodging room has the taste of 10 out of 10.


I thought it would be possible if a gradations are applied like this


As for a washroom, if you ask me, ”Is this the washroom of the Chimney Town version ?“. I could say it looks so, but it does like just a cool washroom with a bit of a vintage style.


Overall, it looks like this so far.

えんとつ町のプペル 頓堀宿泊室 TOMBORI GUEST HOUSE
えんとつ町のプペル 頓堀宿泊室 TOMBORI GUEST HOUSE

There is an door after the common area of the apartment. So far, so normal, but once you enter, you are at the back entrance of this building. It is like "leaving" the back door of the building you are in.

えんとつ町のプペル 頓堀宿泊室 TOMBORI GUEST HOUSE

This is the space between the buildings I mentioned earlier.


The gray concrete wall here is the washroom, the building that contains the water supply.

えんとつ町のプペル 頓堀宿泊室 TOMBORI GUEST HOUSE

Then this one is the TOMBORI GUEST HOUSE building.

えんとつ町のプペル 頓堀宿泊室 TOMBORI GUEST HOUSE

This brick walled building is the one we were in earlier.

えんとつ町のプペル 頓堀宿泊室 TOMBORI GUEST HOUSE

In addition, the area that is tin is also a building.

So in all, we came out to a place sandwiched between four buildings.

えんとつ町のプペル 頓堀宿泊室 TOMBORI GUEST HOUSE

If you look at the floor, it is made to the taste of the material of the roof.

And you can see some kind of pipe that is connected or something…is the hot water supply from the floor under this roof, or is there some kind of (laugh)...?

This wall is in an alley, so there used to be a sign on it, or some graffiti.


Perhaps the owner who does this room has made a graffiti on the wall where he came to the alleyway, "this way," although it is a hidden place to stay.


Since it is the outside world, there are red lights that are typical of this kind of the Chimney Town.


Then there are these gutters.
The gutters on this building are down like this, and when you go all the way down, the rain runs off or you can see puddles are created.


Also, windows and other things are painted about the same to be seen after the rain.
It is not actually wet, but is represented by the paint.


This is a washroom, but instead of writing "washroom," we wrote "water-wash-place" here.


The language is neither Japanese nor Chinese. However, I coined the word just enough to understand that there is a bath and a lavatory here.


By showing it like this, people can think, "What's a water-wash-place?"
In this way, I also incorporated like this bit of unusualness and discomfort into the design.


The light switch is handwritten with the word "灯(akari)”

The door opend, you’ll find that this is just an ordinary modular bath, which has the taste "0" of the Chimney Town


This is where the washroom and mirror are located, and I thought this kind of plumbing would give it a Chimney Town feel.

The aging (staining of the walls) in this area is not as dirty as in the previous room. It is designed to look


Speaking of equipments about water, we chose to ones with something that is a little unfamiliar to us.

Like the toilet bowl, I wanted to use this one, because it looks like this room.However they are a bit more expensive than those made by ordinary Japanese manufacturers.


So I was wondering what to do, but due to the Corona confusion, TOTO and LIXIL didn't come in.

So I decided to take the chance to use it (laugh), so I was able to use this.


Finally it became this stay room, this door was sold in a vintage shop.
It's a wooden door that was actually used in the United States in the 1950s.

Also, since it is a guest house, it also has a kitchen.


Of course you turn on the lights after coming into the kitchen, don’t you?


This room has such an industrial switch. when you press it, it makes crash sound a bit and the light will turn on.

This switch is also something we’re not used to, but it makes us feel different from everyday.

"Can I really press this?"

I feel like I'm in a world that isn't where I usually live.


We will definitely have the necessary electrical equipment.
For example, an intercom.

There is an intercom designated by this building, but even if it is aged, the atmosphere does not come out and it should not be aged in the first place, so covered it with the word "Outside-Gate-Telephone" and put the intercom in this.

If we designed everything, the feeling of creation will become stronger, so we will skillfully interweave everyday things and extraordinary things that can not be seen to make the real world a fantasy.

As you can see from your feet, this kitchen uses the one for business use that is often found in restaurant kitchens.


An iron plate is placed on it, and there is a difference in depth here.

I chose IH because the stove is scared of fire.
I wanted to prevent the IH of the latest equipment from becoming mechanical, so I made the line of sight go to this difference in depth and diminished its presence.


And next to this, the switch of the water heater is hidden.
If this is also in full view, everyday life is obvious, so I covered it.


Finally we are in the accommodation room, there are 2 semi-double beds (three-quarter bed) for 2 adults.

The difficulty in designing this area was that this was the "living room" of the accommodation facility.

If it's a restaurant like Snack Candy, or a conference room like ZIP, it doesn't feel so strange even if the iron plate is exposed.
Even If we see it is there, we can tell it is needed.


However, there are not many pipes exposed in the "living room" of the accommodation facility.
Even though it's Chimney Town.

Even in the picture books, the room is not often drawn, but even so, I look through the picture books and think about what kind of things and what kind of rooms there are in such a town, which was the most difficult to me.

Talking with Mr. Nishino, I thought that the most common thing in the room is to decorate the walls with pictures.
I decided to decorate a big picture because I thought that if I put the landscape painting of the Chimney Town on the wall, it would be a room in Chimney Town.


After that, of course, we will need an air conditioner, but there is an ordinary new air conditioner in this.
I covered it with a cover designed an air conditioner that seems to be in Chimney Town.

When I started designing, I was mainly designing houses.
I was designing a simple and natural house that a young architect would design, but what I often used to hide the air conditioner was to install a vertical grid in front of the air conditioner.

It is often used as a method to erase the existence of the air conditioner, but that had always been on my mind for a long time. Though I hide it with a grid, if there is such a thing in the room, it is as same as insisting that the air conditioner is in it. I've always had a sense of incongruity about it.

And here again, I ran into the air conditioner problem and asked, "What should I do?"

I thought that it would be embedded in the wall, but since the room is not large enough to take up that space, the air conditioner can only be shown as an air conditioner, and I thought there was a good solution.

Then I thought it would be good to design the air conditioner itself instead of using a grid for its cover.
A design of Air conditioner with Chimney Town taste.

Do you remember there used to be a furniture-like home appliance, don’t you?
Home appliances with wood grain designs such as TVs and refrigerators.
I thought that it might be possible to use it, so I researched "furniture-like air conditioner", and the air conditioner that actually existed in the 1940s in the United States seemed to be familiar to Chimney Town, so I used it as a model and used such an air conditioner cover. I made this.


The vents have been adapted in the same way.
You can see like this in apartments.
This is installed for natural ventilation.

This also has a strong sense of everyday life, so I cover it.
Don’t you think like this cover is likely there?


This is a desk.
Since there are windows and the outside view of the alley can be seen from the room, I paid attention to the layout so that even when we lie down on the bed behind us, we feel like we are in Chimney Town.


The lighting fixtures on the desk was made by myself, which is not sold anywhere.
Produced by processing an old insect cage

The part of the net is designed to open, opening here to put insects.
I turned it upside down and put electricity to make it a lighting fixture.


The desk is placed recessed, so it's also a work space where you can concentrate.

When guests sit in a chair and look at the room from here, I'm glad that the brick pillars and windows with crosspieces make them feel like they’re in Chimney Town.


This is the landscape painting I talked about earlier. (Please see the real thing for this oil painting)

It is a picture depicting the scenery of Chimney Town.
However, I asked the painter to imagine and paint the scenery of somewhere in the chimney town. So this is not a picture that appears in the picture book as it is.


I wondered what kind of moment the landscape paintings drawn by the artist painters in Chimney Town would draw.

※From here on, the first part, including the spoilers of Poupelle in Chimney Town


As I was wondering what kind of scenery to be drawn, there was a scene in the movie story where smokeless powder was used to clear the smoke.

In the world of "Chimney Town", I think it was a moment to be more history than the fall of the Berlin Wall.


The moment of liberation from a society that had been oppressed for a long time, or the moment of telling us, "You can have a dream. You can have hope."

I had a discussion with the artist painter that such a historical moment would be easy to take up as a motif, and asked him to make a picture of that moment.

The above is the contents of the online preview.
How was it, everyone?

I would like you to see the actual things locally and experience "The hideway of Poupelle of Chimney Town"
Here is for making reservation

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